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Questions we often get asked about our service

Q - What is detailing?

A. Vehicle detailing is a systematic process essentially comprising 3 key stages:


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Q - Why choose Melbrook?

A. We’ve been detailing cars and motorcycles longer than it’s been called detailing. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to perform the craft to such high standards that, as a Swissvax Authorised Detailer, we are confident that following a full detail performed by ourselves, your vehicle will simply be the best it has ever looked even from new.

Q - What are above surface bonded contaminants?

A. Above surface bonded contaminants are minute particles of airborne pollutants that adhere to your vehicles exterior and cannot be removed by washing alone. The main culprits are other road users brake dust, metallic particles, exhaust fumes, industrial fallout, bird lime, tar spots & tree sap. If left on the vehicles surfaces they are a major contributory factor in the premature ageing of a vehicles exterior.

Q - What are paint defects?

types_of_paint_defectsA – The most common paint defects are as follows:-

  • Light swirl marks, stains and scratches and children’s handprints

  • Deeper swirl marks/spiderwebs

  • Deep scratches/below surface defects

  • Water etchings

  • Buffer marks/hologram effect




Swirl marks
Swirl marks are caused by years of improper washing and drying techniques

Childrens handprints
The ingredients in childrens hand wipes do not agree with car paint.  These defects are very common and are most noticeable on darker coloured cars.  They cannot be removed by washing as they have reacted with the paint and have left a permanent stain.

The term detailers use to describe the illusion created when the sun or a high intensity light is directed as a single spot of light onto the paint resembling a spiders web.  It is in reality, lots of random light scratches in all directions.

Deep scratches/below surface defects
This is any defect that penetrates into the paint i.e. a scratch, water etchings or bird lime, that will continue to damage the paint surface if left untreated.

Please note, bird lime is acidic, and reacts to modern water based thin paints causing blistering. It is imperative that bird lime is removed from paintwork as soon as is possible as we have seen new paint be damaged beyond the point of economical repair and need a body shop visit in as little as 4 weeks

Buffer marks/hologram effect
This is caused by the incorrect use of a rotary machine polisher.

All paint defects can be fully corrected and removed with a Melbrook Detailing package.

Q - Do new cars need detailing?

A. Yes. The acquisition of a new vehicle for most people is likely to be the second biggest investment they will ever make. A high percentage of new vehicles have already had their unprotected vulnerable exteriors exposed to the elements for a period of time, whether it be on the back of a car transporter, or stored at an outside holding point, collecting contaminants until the day you sign on the dotted line. This is why we feel it is of paramount importance to protect your investment from the outset in order to maximise it’s future residual value.

Q - I would like my car detailed, but my alloy wheels are scuffed and I’m concerned this will let down the rest of the car, can you deal with this?

A. Yes. Any alloy wheel or vehicle body damage can be addressed whilst your vehicle is in our care as we use the services of, and have a close working relationship with our local vehicle body repair specialist

Q - I would like to get my car detailed by Melbrook detailing, how do I maintain it after it has been done?

A. We would recommend that a vehicle we have detailed be enrolled onto one of our maintenance packages to ensure that the only people to clean your vehicle is us. A Melbrook maintenance package usually consists of:

● Regular posh washes
● 6 monthly wax top up detail
● Annual full detail – Bronze, Silver or Gold

However, as car enthusiasts ourselves we fully understand the satisfaction gained from spending a Sunday morning washing your pride and joy. This is why existing customers who have had a vehicle detailed by us, are, upon request provided with a Melbrook Car Care Kit with instructions on how to clean your car safely using correct techniques.

Q - Will you come to my home to detail my car?

A. To detail a car to the highest possible standard, it needs to be done in ideal conditions which is why all our work is undertaken in our purpose built studio, which is fully equipped with a linked alarm system, specialised intensive lighting to highlight paint defects, hydraulic scissor lift, full wet bay, and inbuilt dehumidified hot/cold air conditioning so we can work on your vehicle any time of year regardless of weather or outside temperature, in a perfectly lit dust free environment. We offer a collection and delivery service for your convenience.

Q - I am not from the area, can I still get my car detailed at Melbrook Detailing?

A – Yes.  We offer a collection and delivery service for Southport and surrounding areas.  But, for those located further afield, why not incorporate a Melbrook Detailing package with a short stay in Southport, taking advantage of the many local attractions, beautiful hotels, restaurants, and shopping experiences on offer.  We are conveniently located near The Royal Birkdale Golf Club, and Formby Hall Golf Club and Spa is only a 10 minute drive from us.  We are happy to chauffeur you to your chosen hotel and collect you at the end of your stay when your vehicle is completed.

Q - Are you insured?

A. Yes, we have public liability and accidental damage insurance specifically designed for Vehicle Detailers, and are insured to work on and drive any vehicle, enabling us to offer a collection and delivery service for your convenience and peace of mind.

Q - Do you sell any of the products you use?

A. All products used throughout our detailing packages are available for purchase to existing customers.